• Studio No 7 (map)
  • 393 Marietta Street
  • Atlanta, GA, 30313
  • United States

From the folks who took Mardi Gras to the next level at Sound Table comes Tropisol: An Afro-Latin dance party on Cinco de Mayo. We're continuing the trend of trying to find the deeper rhythms in holidays whose meanings are sometimes lost in mainstream party culture. Cinco de Mayo - we're looking at you.

Alright, alright - we know what you're going to say! Cinco de Mayo? That's a fake cultural holiday invented by Americans to drink more Corona. Wrong! We're here to tell you that Cinco de Mayo may not, in fact, be a celebration of Mexican Independence, but it is a legitimate holiday celebrating the unlikely victory of the Mexican Army over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. So there. Now you have a legitimte - and some might say culturally mandated - reason to come party with us.

So, what's this party all about? Think salsa dancing in a steamy alley hidden behind an old warehouse in Cuba. Or, maybe the soulful sounds of tropical house on the beaches of Mexico. Or, maybe a sultry but classy bossa nova in 1960's Brazil. 

To execute, we've brought on some serious talent in the DJ booth - folks who really know what we mean by "Afro-Latin," and who will bring their own diverse, artistic intepretations to the stage: Mike Zarin, Salah Ananse, & Jeremy Avalon, joined by Trey West of Soul Spin. You'll also be treated to an experiential/visual journey by Ajmal "Mas Man" Millar, a Trinidadian costume artist, as well as projection visuals & lighting design by Soul Spin. Studio No 7, our gracious host for the evening, will also be designing tropical craft cocktails to ease you into the evening.

To top it off, we're doing all of this for a cause - 100% of proceeds will go to support the Soul Spin Youth DJs, a community youth program offered free-of-charge to families in SW Atlanta & College Park that teaches kids at-risk for social, emotional, & behavioral issues how to DJ, as well as professional & leadership skills of the business-side of things. 

21+ • $7 (early bird) • $10 (advance) • 9p-2a